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Single Cell Immune Profiling at Unprecedented Scale

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When exploring TCR or BCR biology, increasing cell counts and sample numbers are crucial for meaningful research. Traditional droplet-encapsulation technologies face challenges in meeting these growing demands, scaling linearly with larger experiments. Combinatorial barcoding approaches overcome these limitations, offering unparalleled scalability to reveal the diversity of the adaptive immune system. 

Watch the on-demand webinar in which we overview our new single cell BCR and TCR profiling products which enable immune profiling at unprecedented scale. We are also excited to showcase the work of the Reticker-Flynn Lab at Stanford and how they are using single cell immune profiling to understand the process by which tumors evade the immune system and metastasize to invade the body. 

By watching the on-demand recording, you'll learn about:

- The role of T cells in the development of tolerance and in general how T cell phenotypes and clonotypes are altered during cancer metasteses. 

- The exciting work happening in the Reticker-Flynn Lab at Stanford.

- Evercode TCR and Evercode BCR for immune profiling with unprededented resolution and scale.

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Nathan Reticker-Flynn, PhD

Stanford University

Assistant Professor, PI

Cort Breur

Stanford University

PhD Student

Charlie Roco, PhD

Parse Biosciences

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer