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Scalable Single Cell Sequencing Without an Instrument


 Easy to Get Started  Flexible and Scalable  Unmatched Sensitivity

Simple Workflow

Evercode™ split pool combinatorial barcoding technology converts each cell or nucleus into an individual reaction compartment. This approach steps away from the limitations of hardware-based offerings for a more elegant solution to single cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) and single nuclei RNA sequencing (snRNA-seq).

Interactive Results

The Parse Biosciences pipeline can run locally on your own computer or in the cloud using the DNAnexus® platform. The pipeline produces standard output files (including gene-cell count matrix compatible with third-party analysis tools like Seurat and Scanpy) and an interactive HTML report that enables exploration of cell type clustering and gene expression.

Scale From 1,000s to a Million Cells

Studies increasingly require larger sample and cell numbers. Other single-cell technologies are limited by the number of samples that can be analyzed together, introducing batch effects. Evercode WT has a kit to fit any study, regardless of scale.

Resolve More Biology From Every Cell

Increased sensitivity enables better detection of lowly expressed genes, resulting in more comprehensive annotation of cell types. Run more samples, use less sequencing, and delve deeper into the biology with gene and transcript detection that outperforms droplet-based methods.

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