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Scaling Your scRNA-Seq Experiments
with Parse Biosciences' Evercode

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The average number of cells profiled in single cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-Seq) experiments has doubled each year since 2015. Yet traditional scRNA-Seq technologies have not scaled well nor do they provide straightforward implementation.

In this webinar, Charlie Roco,  Parse Biosciences CTO, describes how straightforward it is to get started and scale with Parse's combinatorial barcoding technology, Evercode. 

By watching, you'll learn:

  • How Evercode works and why it doesn't require a special instrument
  • How it compares to other scRNA-Seq technologies currently available
  • Why Evercode is the easiest way to get started in single cell RNA-Seq


Charlie Roco, PhD

Charlie Roco, PhD

Parse Biosciences
Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer