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Product Sheet
Evercode Whole Transcriptome v2

More Biology at Higher Resolution


Download the Product Sheet to Learn How Evercode Whole Transcriptome v2 Provides

  • More Sensitivity
    Increased gene and transcript detection for even more meaningful data.

  • More Robust Assay Performance
    Consistent gene detection between samples for straightforward data analysis. 

  • Unbiased Gene Expression
    Accurate and unbiased results. 

More genes with less sequencing

The Evercode WT v2‭ ‬solution provided dramatically better sensitivity across all the sample types tested‭. ‬This result translates‭ ‬across species‭, ‬regardless of whether the starting material is isolated cells or nuclei‭.‬ The results are presented.

More consistent gene detection

Lower variation in gene detection was pronounced and reproducible across sample types‭. ‬Evercode WT v2‭ ‬exhibited more consistent‭ ‬gene detection than identical samples prepared with Evercode WT v1‭. The data is presented.

Unbiased gene expression

Across all cell types tested‭, ‬there’s no bias in recovery or gene expression with the updated performance of Evercode WT v2. The analysis is presented.


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