Parse Biosciences - Scalable Single Cell Sequencing

Single Cell Sequencing Using the Parse Biosciences Evercode™ WT Kit on the G4™ Platform



Single cell RNA-Seq (scRNA-Seq) has revolutionized basic and translational research in immunology, developmental biology, and cancer by enabling the resolution of distinct cell populations within heterogeneous samples. Here, we highlight the use of the Parse Biosciences Evercode™ WT kit in combination with the novel Singular Genomics G4™ Platform for rapid, flexible, sequencing-by-synthesis. We demonstrate excellent accuracy and high concordance of the G4 Platform with the Illumina NovaSeq 6000, all while delivering a faster turnaround time.

Authors: Kenneth Gouin III, Sabrina Shore, Timothy Looney, Vuong Tran, Daniel Diaz, Charlie Roco,
Singular Genomics Systems, Inc, San Diego, California. Parse Biosciences, Seattle, Washington.

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