Parse Biosciences - Scalable Single Cell Sequencing

Improving Sensitivity of Combinatorial Barcoding-based Single Cell Sequencing



A key consideration in single-cell RNA-seq is the number of RNA molecules that can be detected per cell. Here we demonstrate dramatic improvements in the number of genes detected per cell with Parse Bioscience Evercode™ Fixation and WT v2 kits. With the new chemistry, we observe consistent improvement in transcript and gene detection across cells and nuclei from a variety of different sample types tested, including mouse brain nuclei, mouse liver nuclei, and human PBMCs. In liver nuclei samples, we see a 79% increase in unique genes detected(150k reads/cell). We anticipate these improvements will enable researchers to uncover underlying biology that was previously obfuscated.

Authors: Sarah Schroeder, Efthymia Papalexi, Vuong Tran, Grace S Kim, Ajay Sapre, Peter Matulich, Joseph Pangallo, Alexandra Sova, Archita Gadkari, Lauren Kenyon, Zeynep Sayar, Simone Marrujo, Alec Salvino, Alexander Rosenberg, Charles Roco


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