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Evercode WT scRNA-Seq with Focal Barcoding Enables Single Cell Transcriptomes Coupled with Gene or Vector-Enriched Readouts



A limitation of single-cell RNA sequencing is the inability to detect every expressed gene in a given cell without exhaustive sequencing, which can be cost prohibitive due to the sequencing depth required per cell. This is problematic for applications such as single cell CRISPR screens where it is essential to detect the guide RNA (gRNA) in every cell in order to associate a transcriptome-wide perturbation effect. To address this we demonstrate an approach, known as “Focal Barcoding”, that enables enrichment and highly sensitive detection of individual genes or transgenes in single cell experiments. 

Authors: Joseph Pangallo, Lauren Kenyon, Alexa Suyama, Alexandra Sova, Ryan Koehler, Charles Roco, Alexander Rosenberg


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