Parse Biosciences - Scalable Single Cell Sequencing

Using Combinatorial Barcoding to Simultaneously Profile the Transcriptome and Immune Repertoire of 1 Million Cells



We have extended Parse Biosciences’ Evercode combinatorial barcoding technology to simultaneously characterize the T cell receptors (TCRs) alongside the full transcriptomes of up to 1 million T cells. Using this approach, we were able to recover paired TCR sequences in >50% of individual T cells together with their corresponding transcriptomes. We identify hundreds of thousands of unique alpha and beta clonotypes across 8 donors. Finally, while most clonotypes are rare in frequency, we identify some hyper-expanded clonotypes that are donor and cell-type specific.

Authors: Efthymia Papalexi, Peter Matulich, Grace S Kim, Vuong Tran, Sarah Schroeder, Bryan Hariadi, Ajay Sapre, Daniel Diaz, Charles Roco, Alexander Rosenberg, Parse Biosciences, Inc.


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