Parse Biosciences - Scalable Single Cell Sequencing

Scalable & Sensitive Single Cell RNA-seq with Combinatorial Barcoding


Single Cell Whole Transcriptome Kit

Parse Biosciences Single Cell Whole Transcriptome Kit can profile up to 48 different samples across 100,000 cells in a single experiment. A 30-60 min fixation procedure separates sample extraction from cell barcoding, enabling the pooling of multiple samples from different time points into a single experiment.

Authors: Grace Wang, Nam-VuongTran, Emily O'Connor, Peter Matulich, Sarah Schroeder, ArchitaGadkari, Ryan Koehler, Daniel Diaz, Joseph Pangallo, Lili Bahrami, Brittany Takushi, Anna Malinkevich, Ethan Hills, Alexander Rosenberg, Charles Roco


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