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Getting Started with scRNA-seq:
The Origins and Fundamentals of Single Cell RNA Sequencing

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Single Cell RNA Sequencing (scRNA-seq) is helping researchers uncover new insights in ways not possible with traditional bulk RNA sequencing methods. For researchers interested in learning more or just getting started, we’ve developed a series of three educational webinars focused on demystifying scRNA-seq.

In our first webinar of the series, we explored scRNA-seq's origins and what research questions it can help you answer.

What you'll learn by watching:

  • Learn about the history and evolution of scRNA-seq
  • Understand how it could be used in your research
  • Gain an understanding of the technologies available
  • Receive a high level overview of the scRNA-seq workflow and important considerations before getting started


Colleen Palmateer, PhD

Colleen Palmateer, PhD

Parse Biosciences
Field Application Scientist